I’ll be back soon

Hey, I’m just letting you guys know I’m pretty busy this month so I’m not able to address issues/suggestions as quickly as I would normally be able to. But rest-assured that they shall all be accounted for upon my return; I’m not ignoring any of them.

I appreciate the patience!


15 thoughts on “I’ll be back soon

  1. kurovilolitannia

    One more thing that I forgot. Sometimes there are manga with extra chapters in it (like 6.5 or something like that).

    Whenever I wanted to download just few specific chapters, example from this one

    I only wanted to download chapter 28-35 (for example).
    I choose Edit Information then I choose Chapter Range.
    Later, the chapters are sometimes off by a few digits depending on the extra chapters before that.

    Maybe you can do something about this?


    1. Hentai Doujin Downloader Post author

      That’s probably because it doesn’t consider the actual numbers listed, but rather the position of the chapter relative to the others in the list. This is because not every site lists chapter numbers, some don’t at all, some format them in weird ways, etc., so I can’t rely on being able to parse them out of the chapter title.

      I’ll add something soon to enable you to actually select chapters by name!

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