Update (Ver + Important Information

Hey guys. As most of you probably know already, I’ve been back for a while, making sure that everyone’s feature requests/bug reports are taken care of. I can proudly say that there’s only one feature that’s been requested that I haven’t yet implemented (but you should see it later today).

Also, you may have noticed that the XP version is no more– the two versions have finally been consolidated into a single unit! No longer shall there be a gap between what updates are present in each version.

Now, here’s the big news, and I’m definitely going to get some flak for this, but hear me out: Soon, HDoujin Downloader will no longer be entirely free. Depending on when you’re reading this post, the changes may already be in place.

But don’t get too disappointed just yet.

I’ve made sure that the current version is completely up-to-date with everyone’s suggestions/comments. This version will remain freely available on the site, so you don’t have to worry. However, I won’t be updating this version anymore unless it’s rendered broken or unusable for some reason (I wouldn’t be so mean as to just ignore that).

As for why I’m doing this: I put a lot of time and effort into making sure HDoujin Downloader works as perfectly as possible. I know how hard it is to find a decent doujin/manga downloader that does everything you want it to, which is why I take requests so seriously. And I love doing that. And I want to keep doing that. But like everyone else, I’ve got debts and loans to pay off, and working on this constantly is becoming less and less viable. This isn’t much of a shock, but very, very few people choose to donate (which is fine; I mean, not everyone can, which is why I’m willing to make exceptions for people who can’t pay [more on this later]).

If you have donated, regardless of the amount, just send me an email and I’ll give you the paid version for free. The same goes for anyone who contributed to the project (translation, etc). But if that doesn’t work for you, and you want your contribution revoked for any reason, let me know.

The only limitation that will be present in future releases of the free version will be that you’re limited to 25 downloads per day. All other features will remain enabled.

“So then, why should I bother updating? I’ll just stick with the current version.”

Good question. Future versions will, of course, be kept up-to-date as sites change, and I’ll continue to add support for more and more sites, in addition to new features (the paid version will already have a few extra things when it’s released). It will also (optionally) come with Kuroneko Reader and Manga Database, two new programs I’ve been working on that work exactly like their names would imply. I’ll post more information about them at a later date.

“What if I can’t use PayPal, or my country of origin/personal circumstances make it impossible for me to pay?”

Email me. We’ll work something out. If it’s just a matter of being unable to use PayPal, let me know what you can use, and we’ll go from there.

If you have any complaints, concerns, or verbal abuse, leave a comment. I honestly want to know what you guys think about all of this.

Finally, here are the changes to the latest (100% free) version.

Changes in this version:
– [FIX] Updates for hentairules.net (some older galleries could not be downloaded)
– [FIX] Updates for hentaifromhell.org (updated to reflect Imagebam changes)
– [FIX] Updates for thehentaiworld.com (doujins could not be downloaded)
– [FIX] Updates for g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org (downloading at original size would fail if no original size link)
– [FIX] Updates for g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org (.jpg file extension was always assumed due to previous update)
– [FIX] Updates for bato.to (couldn’t download single-page doujins; grabs additional info)
– [FIX] Unable to open old download lists
– [FIX] Fixed potential infinite loop when grabbing tags
– [FIX] Fixed sorting by page count
– [NEW] Updates for g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org (can now download images at original size)
– [NEW] Updates for manga-joy.com (updated page-grabbing algorithm)
– [NEW] Updates for mangafox.me (updated page-grabbing algorithm)
– [NEW] Updates for myreadingmanga.info (updated page-grabbing algorithm)
– [NEW] Updates for pornxxxcomics.com (updated to reflect site changes)
– [NEW] Updates for mangapark.com (URL is now mangapark.me)
– [NEW] Added support for nxtcomics.com
– [NEW] Added support for hentailxers.blogspot.com
– [NEW] Added support for hentaigamecg.com
– [NEW] Added support for hmangasearcher.com
– [NEW] Added support for hentai4manga.com
– [NEW] Added support for hcomicbook.com
– [NEW] Added support for manga.ae (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for al-manga.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for manga-ar.net (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangakaka.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for readmanga.today (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangacap.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangaforall.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added stop mark, to stop downloading at specified point
– [NEW] Option to clear completed downloads automatically
– [NEW] Option to backup download list at program start
– [NEW] Can start/run downloads without GUI via CLI (experimental)
– [NEW] Can now save manga info to archive comments (ZIP/CBZ only)
– [NEW] Updated ZIP/CBZ creation algorithm
– [MISC] Long URLs are shown on status bar when adding to list (truncated)
– [MISC] “failed.txt” file is deleted if download is completed successfully
– [MISC] Improved RAM management
– [MISC] Improved proxy support
– [MISC] Remembers column widths
– [MISC] Fixed various column organization issues
– [MISC] Fixed status bar issues
– [MISC] Fixed threading issues
– [MISC] Preparation for consolidation of XP/WIN(7/8) versions


5 thoughts on “Update (Ver + Important Information

  1. NomangaNolife

    I was always looking for a easy and free downloader and I found this but after putting down the link from nhentai it won’t past onto it but other sites do any idea?


  2. kurovilolitannia

    I’m… A bit sad about this. Your program is one of the best and I truly love it especially because it’s completely free honestly. Wanted to donate but my country doesn’t really support payment to other country (and our currency’s rate is pretty low which makes stuffs more expensive). In exchange for that I try my best to search for bug and promotes this program in many places.

    Anyway, my only question for now is how much the paid version of the program will be?


    1. Squidy Post author

      The payment information is available here.

      I’m sorry you’re not happy about it. I definitely appreciate your help up to this point. If you absolutely cannot pay for the full version, send me an email.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kurovilolitannia

        Still, unlike other manga downloader programmers, you replied quickly (unlike the other which doesn’t even reply to me), fixed problems fast, and damn, adding support for exhentai?! You are like based god on this already lol.

        Even if I can’t pay I’ll still use the free version of the program, and reporting bugs and stuffs like that as usual.

        Liked by 1 person

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