HDoujin Downloader Update (Ver

First, thank-you to everyone using HDoujin Downloader. Your support means a lot to me, especially in light of all of the changes the program has undergone over the past while.

This version marks the second official update for version 1.14. Numerous bugs have been fixed, and many new features added. If you’re one of the few people trying out the experimental Kuroneko Reader and/or Manga Database, they’ve both been updated to versions and, respectively. They can be updated alongside the main program (assuming you have that option selected), or you can update them using the “Download Now” button present in the updater.

Also, if you’re not already aware, the activation system was changed in (Release 3), so if you’re using a release prior to that, it’s a very good idea to update (as new activation keys won’t be compatible with older versions).

Anyway, the main things to take note of in the latest version are as follows:

A larger selection of non-English sites

Keeping true to the last post I made, I’ve begun adding support for more non-English sites. Most of the sites added in this update feature manga in Portuguese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese languages, and I have plans to expand on that in upcoming updates. Remember that I’m always open to requests if there’s any site you want added right away.

The new Chapter Tracker

The new Chapter Tracker feature allows you to add manga to a watch list so you can get notified when new chapters are posted. You can either manually tell the program to check for new chapters, or have it check automatically. New chapters can then be easily added to the download queue.

Faster and more-reliable login support

The login system has been rewritten (again), and it’s now capable of running the background without affecting the UI. It’s also now possible to log in to sites when using proxies.

More-translatable interface

The main English language file has been updated to include translation information for most of the features added in this release (as well as features that were not translated properly previously). Take a look at it if you feel like writing a new translation.

To see all updates present in this version, check out the full changelog, or look at the list of updates below.

If there’s anything you want to see in the next release, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Changes in this version:
– [FIX] Updates for kissmanga.com (updated chapter-grabbing algorithm)
– [FIX] Updates for mangacow.co (updated page-grabbing algorithm)
– [FIX] Updates for readmanga.today (updated page-grabbing algorithm)
– [FIX] Updates for g.e-hentai.org (could not download from user-only galleries)
– [FIX] Updates for mangabb.eu (updated URL from mangabb.me)
– [FIX] Improved/fixed bugs in activation system
– [FIX] Fixed problem with URLs containing directories ending with periods
– [FIX] Updater did not delete update files correctly
– [NEW] Added support for hentaihunt.net
– [NEW] Added support for hentaistack.com
– [NEW] Added support for ero-senin.pl
– [NEW] Added support for baramangaonline.com
– [NEW] Added support for iutruyentranh.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for otakumole.ch (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for pixiv.net (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangascouts.org (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for komikid.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for manga-tube.org (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mabuns.web.id (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangacankomik.com, mangacankomik.net, mangacankomik.blogspot.com, and mangacanblog.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for pecintakomik.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for centraldemangas.org (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangavadisi.org (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangaturk.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for acelemanga.tk (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for manga24h.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for vnsharing.info (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangapt.net (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangafreak.me (NON-H)
– [NEW] Can now edit user agent string
– [NEW] Can now manually edit/add login cookies (useful if automatic login doesn’t work)
– [NEW] Improved login system; logins now support proxies
– [NEW] Added language support for Arabic
– [NEW] Added Chapter Tracker
– [MISC] Various UI fixes
– [MISC] Refactored sections of code
– [MISC] Updated language file version, 90% of UI now translatable


29 thoughts on “HDoujin Downloader Update (Ver

    1. Squidy Post author

      I tried to reproduce this issue, but it seems to be fine from my end (logging in was successful).

      Is the error you’re seeing “logging into pixiv.net has failed”, and does it occur when you try to add something from Pixiv to the download queue? If so, and if you’re absolutely certain your login details are correct, make sure you’re using the latest release (“Help > Check for Updates”). Also, check if it makes a difference whether you login using your Pixiv ID or your email address (it shouldn’t, but it’s worth trying).

      If that doesn’t help, you can also enable error logging (“Help > Enable Diagnostics”) and then make the problem occur again. It will create a folder called “log” in the same directory as HDoujin, and save a log file called something along the lines of “login failed”. The file contains details about the HTTP response and does not contain your login details (feel free to examine it in Notepad or something if you’re concerned; it’s just plaintext). If you send me the log file by email, I’ll look it over and hopefully I can tell you why the login is failing.


    1. Squidy Post author

      It looks like the algorithms for handling Otakumole were outdated, so I’ve brought them up-to-date in Release 86. Previously, Otakumole shared login details with Mangalator, which I’ve noticed is now defunct.

      You can now enter login details specifically for Otakumole under “Settings > Logins”. After that, they’ll be used with requests to the site.


      1. kumasen

        Ah thanks! Though I still cannot log in with my account even though my username and password are correct. What should I do? Please help me


      2. Squidy Post author

        Does it show an error message (.e.g, “login failed”)? If so, could you turn on error logging (“Help > Enable Diagnostics”), try to log in again (just add something from otakumole.ch to the download queue), and then send me the resulting error log? It’ll be a folder called “log” in the same directory as HDoujin, and it’ll be called something along the lines of “login failed”.


    1. Squidy Post author

      Yes, I’ve been working on a lot of improvements for the site, but I apologize if some previous functionality ended up breaking. What exactly is going wrong? Could you send me some URLs that aren’t working properly anymore?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anonymous

        Sorry, I realized what my problem was – I was using an IP rerouter for my internet browser (the sites are banned where I live), so the downloader wasn’t able to gain access.


  1. kurovilolitannia

    Sometimes you make update but does not post about it in your blog. Can you make it somehow so that a pop up will show up whenever there is an update or something like that? Sorry if it’s too troubling~


    1. Squidy Post author

      There should be an update notification in the top right corner every time an update is released, as long as you have have “Check for updates automatically” enabled (this setting is visible on the update window).

      Liked by 1 person


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