HDoujin Downloader Update (Ver

This month has seen a lot of updates! Many fixes have been applied (the most important being for Pururin and E-Hentai), 16 new sites have been added (in a variety of languages), and many new features are present, including:

509 detection for g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org
The program is now capable of detecting 509 images from g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org, and will automatically wait until normal downloading can be resumed (this can be enabled/disabled under “Site-Specific Settings”).

File size verification
It’s now possible to verify the size of downloaded images in the event a download is interrupted and doesn’t complete successfully. If the file size doesn’t match the one on the website, the program will attempt to fix the partially-downloaded file (this can be enabled/disabled under “Settings > Downloads > Queuing”).

Sub-directories for folder formatting strings
The use of sub-directories is now supported in the folder formatting string. It is now possible, for example, to sort downloads in folders based on the artist or author (e.g.: “%ARTIST||AUTHOR%\%TITLE%”), and this functionality can be combined with the use of user-created custom tokens to sort downloads in whatever way you please!

Plus, a special thanks to Mengpangwang for providing an updated Chinese language file!

For those of you who might be interested, there’s another update on the way that will completely rework the scripting system to greatly increase its functionality, and will make it much easier to use and understand. Soon, it will be incredibly easy to manually add support for whatever site you want (and as always, I’m open to requests).

Thank you to everyone who has supported HDoujin Downloader so far. Maintaining this project is a lot of work (especially when trying to keep support for every website up-to-date), and it usually ends up keeping me up all night. I can’t thank all of my supporters enough. You guys are the best.

Changes in this version:
– [FIX] Updates for deviantart.com (occasional duplicates, download at original size, download GIFs)
– [FIX] Updates for g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org (uncommon error where wrong pages would be downloaded; minor artist extraction bug)
– [FIX] Updates for g.e-hentai.org (pages were not properly retrieved for some users)
– [FIX] Updates for mangatown.com (retrieves author/artist/desc information)
– [FIX] Updates for pururin.com (added Cloudflare protection bypass; can be toggled under Site-Specific Settings)
– [FIX] Updates for pururin.com (fixed large file size of downloaded images)
– [FIX] Updates for 77mh.com (chapter-grabbing failed on some manga)
– [FIX] Updates for mangahere.co (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] UI now looks much better in high contrast mode
– [FIX] Updates for mangatraders.org (updated page-grabbing algorithm)
– [FIX] Pixiv.net login settings were not saved
– [FIX] Fixed potential crash when viewing manga with blank chapters in Chapter Chooser
– [NEW] Updates for nhentai.net (can add search pages to the download list)
– [NEW] Added support for hentairead.com
– [NEW] Added support for 2hentai.com
– [NEW] Added support for hentaibox.net
– [NEW] Added support for narutobase.net (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangabase.co (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangacat.me (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangatown.net (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for readpanda.net (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangachrome.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangacrazy.net (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mh160.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for academyvn.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangaframe.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for manga-lib.pl (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for isharemanga.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for i-komik.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Option to wait a specified amount of time when receiving 509 errors on g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org
– [NEW] Reloads image on g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org if image is unavailable
– [NEW] Artist name parsing/title removal is now optional on g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org
– [NEW] Option to verify file size after download
– [NEW] Added pause button to toolbar
– [NEW] Added “move to top” and “move to bottom” buttons to toolbar
– [NEW] Formatting strings are no longer automatically “fixed”; backslashes are allowed in folder strings
– [MISC] Updated Chinese Simplified/Traditional language files (courtesy of Mengpangwang)
– [MISC] Various UI fixes
– [MISC] “Reset All Failed” now also resets downloads with failed pages


31 thoughts on “HDoujin Downloader Update (Ver

      1. Zypro

        I have the lastet release. When I add the manga url in the downloader the try to get the manga but it doesn’t appear in the Queue list


      2. Squidy Post author

        You may have to try more than once; Cloudflare can be picky, especially when it comes to concurrent connections. I’ve done my best to get around that, but it can still fail from time to time.

        If it consistently fails even after trying more than once, let me know.


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