Antivirus false-positive (Fixed)

I’ve only just noticed that the program has started getting warnings from anti-virus programs since version (Release 1). This was due to the fact I started compressing the main executable to make it slightly smaller. Apparently that makes it seem suspicious, so I’ve stopped doing that as of Release 6. As you can see here, that fixed the problem! The compression was probably overkill, anyway– 2.52 MB is hardly problematic.

Sorry if that freaked anyone out.


4 thoughts on “Antivirus false-positive (Fixed)

  1. Hmmmmmm

    Hi, I found an odd problem when tried downloading from N-Hentai this morning. They seems to enable the anti ddos? From cloudflare and it won’t allow me to add the link to the downloader. Is this the same problem with Pururin? Mind you that I rarely downloaded from Pururin only from g.e-hentai and n-hentai. I thought it was my firewall messing up with me, but then I just left it overnight with the same settings and exclusion so that couldn’t be it.


      1. Hmmmmmm

        Hi friend, just want to confirm that the problem is indeed fixed on the latest update. But I noticed that under the site-specific settings, the option for pururin ‘bypass cloudflare protection is gone.’ Does that mean that we don’t have to enable the option anymore because it’s already implemented in the app (aka built-in)?
        Anyway I’m happy to say that I’m eager to try the new sub-directories feature! Expect a lifetime purchase from me in the next several days.


      2. Squidy Post author

        I’m glad it’s working for you!

        And yes, the program now automatically detects Cloudflare and bypasses it where necessary. This way, if any other sites start using Cloudflare, I won’t need to supply additional updates to make them work again.

        Thanks so much for the support. ♥


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