HDoujin Downloader Update (Ver

Thanks a lot for everyone’s feedback since the last version update! I can’t believe it’s only been about two weeks since the last version update; the program has seen some major changes over this period of time. The majority of changes in this update are in the form of bug fixes, so HDoujin Downloader is now a whole lot more stable and functional.

Some notable changes include:

Automatic Cloudflare detection
There’s been some trouble with nhentai/Pururin due to their use of Cloudflare DDoS protection, but this is now a thing of the past for current and future sites. The downloader will now automatically detect and bypass this protection wherever it’s encountered.

Download filter
The download filter allows you to easily find any item in the queue through the use of keywords or status-based filtering. The filter dialog can be found under “Downloads > Filter”, or by pressing Ctrl+F.

Now, here’s the bad news: I’m not going to be able to respond to bug reports/feature requests as quickly for the next couple of months, as I’ll be very busy with other things. I apologize in advance for whatever inconvenience this may cause in the future, but note that I’ll still be able to respond to most messages within a week, max.

Changes in this version:
– [FIX] Updates for perveden.com/mangaeden.com (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for deviantart.com (smaller versions of “mature” images were downloaded)
– [FIX] Updates for deviantart.com (added login support; added option to always download at original size)
– [FIX] Updates for mangahere.co (manga with only one chapter showed error; updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for nhentai.net (updated page-grabbing algorithm)
– [FIX] When converting to .RAR/.CBR and deleting downloaded files, archive would not be created
– [FIX] Rearranging downloads could randomly cause downloader to confuse two manga with one another
– [FIX] When using a folder formatting string with multiple directories, directories could potentially contain double backslashes for blank tokens
– [FIX] Fixed major problem where creating archives with subfolders would result in empty archives
– [FIX] Information text files were not included in archives
– [FIX] Fixed potential crash when using custom directory structure containing invalid characters
– [FIX] General stability updates, various bug fixes
– [FIX] Fixed problem where daily download limit would not reset for some users
– [FIX] Naming tokens that include vertical lines were being “fixed” incorrectly
– [FIX] Fixed bug when loading window size from settings where columns would not be resized
– [FIX] Fixed bug where program would hang after switching displays
– [FIX] Fixed unhandled exception that occurred when updating from a release prior to release 12 to release 13/14
– [FIX] Updates for Cloudflare-protected sites
– [FIX] Fixed problem where the program would not start for some users
– [FIX] Fixed “Some failed” error that occurred when downloading from sites with Cloudflare protection with file size verification enabled
– [FIX] “Reset all failed” did not reset downloads with failed pages
– [FIX] “Wait on 509” time for g.e-hentai.org was not saved to settings
– [FIX] Specifying a page range would result in “Invalid Page Count” error
– [FIX] If downloads are waiting (bandwidth restrictions) their waiting status can be removed by resetting them
– [FIX] Downloads will automatically start waiting if another download from the same domain is waiting
– [NEW] Added support for zkomik.com
– [NEW] Added support for saruu.sextgem.com
– [NEW] Added support for komikhentai.net
– [NEW] Added support for hentainesia.com
– [NEW] Added support for readmanga.me (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for adultmanga.ru (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for selfmanga.ru (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for twcomic.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangaku.web.id (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for manga.life (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for comicmaya.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for mangaindo.id (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for vechai.info (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added option to only convert successfully-completed downloads (enabled by default)
– [NEW] Added option to save all chapter pages to a single folder (instead of creating subfolders)
– [NEW] Added “%TAGS%” page/folder-naming token
– [NEW] Added download filter (Downloads > Filter…)
– [NEW] Added option to fix long chapter titles on bato.to (i.e., chapters ending with “…”)
– [MISC] Remembers window dimensions
– [MISC] Added “daily downloads remaining” display
– [MISC] Resetting a download no longer resets selected pages/chapters


30 thoughts on “HDoujin Downloader Update (Ver

    1. Squidy Post author

      I’m sorry so that HDoujin Downloader is currently Windows-only (it’s built on the .NET Framework). Unless your smart phone is running Windows, you won’t be able to use it.


  1. keirbz

    May i ask you why does this only downloads the cover page and the succeeding page does not show on the directory? How do i fix this?


    1. Squidy Post author

      That depends on what site you’re talking about! I presume Tsumino?

      Email me and I’ll tell you how to download from the site successfully; there are specific steps you have to go through.


      1. hadoken

        can you tell me as well how to download from tsumino ? I tried to replace the cookies but things didn’t go well


      2. Squidy Post author

        After adding something from Tsumino to the queue and following the other steps (captcha verification, etc.), only modify the Tsumino_Web cookie; don’t change the Cloudflare cookies.


    2. solamour

      I have the same problem with Tsumino! …I remove the Tsumino_Web cookie though but didn’t work at all. Now says ‘Required cookies missing’. What should I do now? 😦


      1. Squidy Post author

        Don’t remove the cookie, just update its “Content” value using the copy of the cookie present in your web browser (or, seeing as you removed it, add it again using the same method). Make sure you solve the reader captcha before starting your downloads, or else you’ll get an error. You need to remember to do this every time you replace the cookie.


  2. maoh

    For some reason every time I add a new URL or manga to download it stops responding for a few seconds. I don’t know if it is in my end by it started happening after updating. It was 100% working 2 days ago.


    1. Squidy Post author

      Does it seem to happen for every website you try? Some have more complex information-fetching procedures that others, which can cause the program to freeze up for a moment while it parses the information. A few seconds seems a bit excessive for most sites, but it’s used the same procedure ever since the first release.



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