HDoujin Downloader Update (Ver

[Note: Due to a take-down request from Jacob of FAKKU, I’m forced to remove mentions of FAKKU from this update announcement.]

New features include Mangafox watermark removal (leave a comment if there are any other sites you use that have an annoying watermark on their images), the ability to view the current session’s download statistics, the updated scripting system (which can be used both to manually add new sites and to define tokens), and “Downloading” as a default download status (downloads are run immediately after being added to the queue), among other things (see the full list of changes below).

This version also includes an updated Indonesian language file (thanks to Stemzha!), and fixes for g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org that allow you to make use of whatever enhanced viewing privileges you might have when downloading content.

There are some requested features that didn’t make it into this release, but they’re on my to-do list. I know I’ve been saying this for a while, but I’ve been pretty busy, and I’m doing my best to keep up with everyone’s requests. I’ve received a surprising amount of feature requests for Kuroneko Reader and Manga Database (I had no idea they were as popular as they are), and I’ll do my best to implement those as soon as possible!

Also, I’ve got some big plans for upcoming releases, including Booru support, an (optional) manga-list style interface (as some people prefer that over adding URLs), and a Mono version of the program. If any of these things really interest you, leave a comment so I can adjust their priorities accordingly.

As always, thanks to everyone for the support so far!

Changes in this version:
– [FIX] Updates for hitomi.la (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for senmanga.com/ero.senmanga.com (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org (improved 509 error detection)
– [FIX] Updates for g.e-hentai.org/exhentai.org (program wouldn’t make use of enhanced viewing privilages)
– [FIX] Updates for 8muses.com (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for manga.life (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for hakihome.com (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for hentairules.net (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for mangafox.me (updated watermark removal algorithm)
– [FIX] Updates for mangadoom.co (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for taadd.com (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for ninemanga.com (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for deliciousmangas.com (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for mangareader.net (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Updates for pururin.com (returned blank artist info for doujins with multiple artists)
– [FIX] Updates for hentai.ms (improved/updated algorithms)
– [FIX] Fixed problem where paid users could potentially see the “Downloads remanining” text (did not affect downloading)
– [FIX] Fixed occassional “pages missing” error after pausing/unpausing a download
– [FIX] Various stability fixes/improvements
– [FIX] Fixed bug where daily download limit would not reset for users using B.E. time
– [FIX] Fixed bug where an error could occassionally be encountered when sorting by ‘Pages’
– [NEW] Added support for kimi-h.net
– [NEW] Added support for truyen18.org
– [NEW] Added support for comicspornogratis.es
– [NEW] Added support for ihentaimanga.com
– [NEW] Added support for sukahentai.com
– [NEW] Added support for doujinshentai.me
– [NEW] Added support for hentaicorner.fr
– [NEW] Added support for unlimited.fap.works
– [NEW] Added support for japscan.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for gameofscanlation.moe (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for yomanga.co (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for manga.madokami.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for reader.shoujosense.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for truyentranh8.net (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for manga.anitr.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added support for manga-tr.com (NON-H)
– [NEW] Added %MTITLE% chapter folder formatting token (manga title)
– [NEW] Added %TAGSORT% folder formatting token (used to specify where to apply tag organization subfolders)
– [NEW] Added option to automatically remove mangafox.me watermark
– [NEW] Major updates to the scripting system; see help documentation on website
– [NEW] It is now possible to define tokens using scripts
– [NEW] It is now possible to view current session download stats via “Help > View Stats”
– [NEW] Added “Downloading” as a new default download status
– [MISC] Updated Indonesian language file (courtesy of Stemzha)
– [MISC] Download list is saved when items are added
– [MISC] Existing .ZIP/.CBZ archives are now updated instead of overwritten
– [MISC] Various bug fixes and optimizations


17 thoughts on “HDoujin Downloader Update (Ver

    1. Squidy Post author

      Yep! It seems to still be working from my end. If you’re having problems getting it to work with hitomi.la, please see the FAQ. If you can’t get it working after that, I’m more than happy to troubleshoot with you.

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