Get HDoujin Downloader


HDoujin Downloader is a doujin/manga download manager that supports hundreds of different websites. Just input doujin/manga URLs from your favorite website and they will be added to the queue!


  • Can run as a standalone executable (portable, no installation)
  • Can retrieve and save any information about a doujin/manga (author/artist/description information by default)
  • Track chapters and get notified when new chapters are posted
  • Parallel downloads, import/export download queues, download from URL list
  • Automatically convert downloaded doujins/manga to .ZIP/.CBZ/.RAR/.CBR/.PDF
  • Clipboard Monitor feature watches the clipboard for doujin/manga URLs and adds them to the download queue automatically
  • Supports the use of proxies
  • Multiple, customizable UI languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, +More)
  • Tag-based organization features, powerful folder/page naming system
  • Free to use (free version has download limit)




Download from Google Drive:
Download from Dropbox:
Download from Dropbox

If you only want the bare-bones executable, you can download it here.

If you run into any problems, get in touch or leave a comment. All feedback is welcome!


1,008 thoughts on “Get HDoujin Downloader

  1. Noclip

    (Sorry for my bad english) i have the and i can’t download the “offensive for everybody” doujins from


    1. Squidy Post author

      You may have noticed by now, but I released updates for in Release 217! You can download the new version by going to “Help > Check for Updates”, and it should be working again!

      Let me know if you encounter any other issues.


    1. Squidy Post author

      I just released updates for Hentai2Read in Release 216 to address changes they made to their website. Try updating if you haven’t already (“Help > Check for Updates”), and it should start working again!

      If you continue to have any problems, please let me know.


  2. Koomchuck

    When I download CG sets, I write down the addresses of a bunch of galleries on notepad and write page ranges next to them; most of CG sets contain multiple versions and I usually want only one. But it’s kind of tiring after right click-E-Ctrl+V’ing for a while (the shortest way I found to edit the page range). So my questions are:
    1. Is there a shorter way to edit page range that already exists?
    2. Please consider making it possible to set page ranges solely by text e.g. by putting certain characters between the address and the wanted page range.
    ..Second part wasn’t really a question, but it’d save me a lot of time and energy.
    Thanks- also, program support for seems outdated.


    1. Squidy Post author

      There’s currently no exceptionally quick way to do this; what you’re doing already is probably the most effective process. I don’t know if I want to allow it to be included along with the address, though– That’s bound to cause problems when some site decides to use whatever delimiter I pick as part of the address.

      It’s possible to add items to the queue through the command line, though. There isn’t a parameter for specifying a page range just yet, but I could add one– Would that be useful to you? If you’re already saving them to a text file anyway, it would just be a matter of feeding that to the program as a set of arguments.

      Feedback of any kind is always welcome, so if you have any other ideas for making this easier, I’m open to discuss them.

      As for, I’ll check it out next time I get the chance (I’ve been pretty busy lately). If I can verify the problem I should have it fixed at the latest by this weekend.


      1. Koomchuck

        The only reason I thought this might come in handy is because I imagined I could paste the addresses in one column in excel, the pages in another, and use the concatenate function to add them altogether, consequently being from having to right-click – E – search for page range box – ctrl+v – tab – then enter all the time.
        It’s evident that its usefulness is limited but it would definitely help people like me – just consider doing it when there absolutely aren’t any tasks of higher priority, if you will. The program has already helped me out more than anything.


      2. Squidy Post author

        I can definitely understand how that would be useful, and I’ll add it to my to-do list. I’ll try to come up with something with respect to your workflow.

        By the way, I’ve released updates for in Release 211; I was able to come across a few problems. Hopefully this fixes what you’ve been experiencing, but if not, please send me a few example URLs and I’ll look into it further.


      3. Squidy Post author

        I know it’s been a while, so hopefully you see this: In Release 214, I’ve added two new command line arguments you can use to specify page and chapter ranges. You can add URLs to the queue by specifying them as an argument, and you can set a page range by providing the range before the URL. So, something like this:

        “HDoujin Downloader.exe” -pages=0,5-8

        So, how does this help with your problem? You can make a text file with URLs and ranges like so:,8

        Now make a batch script (.bat) and save it in the same folder as this file. Put this inside (adjust the path to HDoujin if you need to):

        for /f “delims== tokens=1,2” %%G in (myfile.txt) do “HDoujin Downloader.exe” -pages=%%H %%G

        When you run the script (double-click), it will add each URL to the queue with its respective page range! Make sure HDoujin is running before you run the script, or it’ll try to open it again for each URL instead of just adding them all at once.

        Hopefully that helps! If you think something could be done better, all feedback is welcome.


  3. kitkat

    hello im gettng this in
    error(tsumino cookie is expired–replace or solve captcha agian)
    by now i am always solving captchas, is this posible to be solved?


    1. Squidy Post author

      If you’re getting the captcha a lot, try limiting how much you download at once. Ripping too many images too quickly will trigger the captcha sooner.

      You can find tips and a general Tsumino downloading guide here.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!



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