Some questions come up more often that others, so here are the answers to some common problems. If any of the solutions listed here don’t work for you, let me know!


Q: “I can’t add anything to the download queue, no matter what site I try. What’s going on?”
A: This is almost always caused your .NET Framework installation being out-of-date. You can download the latest version of .NET Framework 4.0 from Microsoft here. Note that if you need to use a proxy/VPN to access a given website, you will also need to use a proxy/VPN with HDoujin Downloader. Also, you’ll want to make sure that your firewall isn’t preventing the program from accessing the internet.

Site-Specific Issues

Q: “Is it possible to download Fakku subscription content/Fakku Books?”
A: This used to be possible, but we had to remove that functionality due to a request from Fakku. It is no longer possible as of version