Help (Old)

This is the old Help Page. For up-to-date information, see the main Help Page.

[This page is under construction!]

The following information will help you get started with Hentai Doujin Downloader. To search for a particular topic, use Ctrl+F.

 How to: Add a Doujin/Manga to the download queue

There are many ways to add a Doujin/Manga to the download queue, so use the method that is most convenient for you. After a Doujin/Manga is added, the program will take a moment to gather its information before adding it to the list (this should take less than 2 seconds in most cases).

– Method 1: Add from main URL bar
You can add a Doujin/Manga by URL by pasting it into the URL box in the program, like so:

Once you’ve done that, click “Add”, and it will be added to the download queue.

– Method 2: Add from clipboard
You can add a Doujin/Manga directory from the clipboard by clicking Manga > Add from Clipboard:

– Method 3: Add via Clipboard Monitor
The Clipboard Monitor will monitor the clipboard for new Doujin/Manga URLs and add them to the download queue automatically. This can be very useful for quickly adding large amounts of Doujins/Manga.

To activate the Clipboard Monitor, click Manga > Enable Clipboard Monitor (it is disabled in the same fashion).

After that, any URLs you copy will automatically be added to the download queue (assuming they’re valid and included in the supported sites list).

– Method 4: Add via list of URLs
You can add Manga/Doujins from a list of URLs, which is useful if you do not have access to the program at any time and have stored URLs in a text file. To access this feature, click Manga > Add From List….

From that point, simply paste the list of URLs into the dialog box that appears (one URL per line). After clicking OK, they will be added to the download queue.

How to: Start Downloads

Once you have added items to the download queue, their status by default will be “Queued” (this can be changed under Settings > Downloads). To begin downloading them, click Downloads > Start All.

Some sites take longer than others when collecting pages, so you may need to be patient in certain cases. Where possible, page collection has been optimized. By default, 2 download processes are run simultaneously (but this number can be increased or decreased under Settings > Downloads).


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