The following information will help you get started with HDoujin Downloader. It’s far from complete, so feel free to ask a question if you some help.

General information


111 thoughts on “Help

  1. Nikolai

    Hi! I have a problem with Error (Page Collection Error) in my comp. It happen everytime after I done finishing my 25 downloads. And when I want to add more doujin in the next day, it can’t. It’s (Page Collection Error) also happen when I want to continue to download my doujin. Moreover, sometimes my HDoujin work and sometimes not. My isp used a censorship so I need proxy. Please, I really do love this software.

    here’s some URL example:


    1. Squidy Post author

      My guess is that whatever proxy server you’re using doesn’t have very good up-time, and when you re-open the program the next day, the server isn’t available. If the proxy stops working, HDoujin won’t use it, so you’re probably hitting the black from your ISP. I suggest using a VPN instead; they’re generally more reliable.



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