The following information will help you get started with HDoujin Downloader. It’s far from complete, so feel free to ask a question if you some help.

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  1. miraclaime

    Hi 🙂 i’ve read the faq and help but didnt find any similar problem like mine.
    Topic. How do i download if my prefered site got blocked ?
    I can’t access and because my wi-fi blocked them but i can access them tru vpn or vpn-url etc
    Now this is the problem, even tho i can access the site and get the exact link from them the doujin downloader wouldn’t let me download it, it said error when i try to download it but i can copy paste the link just fine into the downloader

    I can access both site and download them using your app before with editing my host file by adding ip addresses, but now this method is not working anymore and the only way to access them is tru vpn/url-vpn

    Please help, and thank you


    1. Squidy Post author

      Are you able to add both sites to the queue, or just I ask because it’s possible to add URLs from even if HDoujin can’t access the site, it just uses the gallery id as the title instead. It does this with a few other sites as well (mainly sites where a title isn’t guaranteed to be available). This would explain why you can add it, but see an error upon starting the download.

      I haven’t used either of the VPNs you listed, but I know that some VPNs (such as Psiphon) only affect your web browser traffic by default rather than traffic coming from all applications. You might need to tweak your VPN settings to get it working. Also, if your VPN is a web browser extension, it won’t be able to interact with HDoujin (this might seem obvious, but some people don’t realize that).

      If you’re certain that your VPN settings are correct, you can generate a log file for one of the affected URLs and send it to me, and I’ll let you know exactly what’s going wrong.


      1. Squidy Post author

        It doesn’t seem to be having any trouble accessing the site, so that’s not the issue. In that case, it might be generating the image URLs incorrectly. changes their load balancing code every once in a while (i.e., users from different countries are sent to different image servers), so that might be related.

        Sorry to ask you to generate something else, but please go to “Settings > Save to > Metadata” and check “Create text file listing missing/failed pages”. The file will be created in the output folder after you attempt to run the download. Please send me the resulting file so I can see what URLs it’s generating. Also, see if you can load images from the site in your web browser correctly. Depending on how your VPN works, the fact they’re hosted on different servers from the main site might be related.


      2. Squidy Post author

        I apologize for the delayed response; things have been busy over here!

        According to the failed.txt file, it’s gathering the image URLs correctly, it’s just failing to download them. Based on your comment about the images not loading in your browser either, it’s almost definitely the case that your VPN isn’t functioning as it should be. It seems that the domains that the images are hosted on are still being blocked. Try applying whatever steps you took to access the sites to begin with to the image domains as well. (This might be a little tricky for, though, since they load images through the H@H network.)


  2. Nikolai

    Hi! I have a problem with Error (Page Collection Error) in my comp. It happen everytime after I done finishing my 25 downloads. And when I want to add more doujin in the next day, it can’t. It’s (Page Collection Error) also happen when I want to continue to download my doujin. Moreover, sometimes my HDoujin work and sometimes not. My isp used a censorship so I need proxy. Please, I really do love this software.

    here’s some URL example:


    1. Squidy Post author

      My guess is that whatever proxy server you’re using doesn’t have very good up-time, and when you re-open the program the next day, the server isn’t available. If the proxy stops working, HDoujin won’t use it, so you’re probably hitting the black from your ISP. I suggest using a VPN instead; they’re generally more reliable.



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