Kuroneko Reader (Beta)

Kuroneko Reader is manga reader that optionally comes with the full version of HDoujin Downloader.

– Read manga directly from folders/archives (.ZIP, .CBZ, .RAR, .CBR, .TAR, .GZ, .7Z, .PDF)
– Read in single-page mode or double-page (option to choose left to right or right to left)
– Bookmark pages, and have bookmarks updated as you read
– Automatically buffers images
– Search directories
– Full-screen mode

– Windows OS
– .NET Framework 4.0+


If you’re using the full version of HDoujin Downloader, click “Help > Check for Updates > Download Now”.

You can view the changelog here.

3 thoughts on “Kuroneko Reader (Beta)

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  2. AerialAtom

    Can you make it so that it works offline too? Also the database doesn’t work for me. It won’t scan my locations.


    1. Squidy Post author

      Sure. It is now possible to run both Kuroneko Downloader and Manga Database offline; to update them, use the “Download Now” button in the updater and it’ll download the latest versions of both.

      As for the database not working, did it scan the initial folder (the one you specify when you first run the program) correctly? Is it able to scan any directory correctly? If you’re having trouble getting it to scan directories you added to the watch list in the settings menu, click Edit > Run Library Scanner (the latest version will scan new directories right after they’re added, though). The scanning progress notification should appear in the lower left corner of the program.



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