Pending Updates

Note: This page is no longer being updated, but you can take a look at the changelog below to see what new features are present in the latest release.

Updates listed here have already been applied to the latest release, but haven’t yet been announced. To make sure your copy of HDoujin Downloader is up-to-date, click Help > Check For Updates.

You can also check out the full changelog, which is updated more frequently than this page.


11 thoughts on “Pending Updates

  1. hentailover

    i found a problem on . after a few seconds of Grabbing it goes strait to complete but nothing is downloaded


  2. Lonecloud247

    None of the Fakku links are working. I am aware that you are planning to fix this in the next update, but please hurry! I love this downloader and I don’t know what I would do without it!


    1. Hentai Doujin Downloader Post author

      It’s probably a bit misleading, but the “Pending Updates” page actually lists updates I’ve already applied, but haven’t officially announced yet (which I do when I increase the version number).

      Anyway, I assume your problems are related to this:

      What you need to do is add login information for Fakku under Settings > Downloads > Site-Specific Settings. This will allow access to hidden content.

      If that doesn’t help, let me know.


      1. Lonecloud247

        It does not, I’m sorry 😦

        So what pretty much happens is the link says getting pages then stops.
        I have tried on a couple of different downloaders and so I’m guessing Fakku changed the way they store images?


      2. Hentai Doujin Downloader Post author

        Hmm. I ran a couple of test downloads, and didn’t run into any problems. So what happens when it “stops”? Does it show “Grabbing Pages”, and then an error occurs? Or does it finish immediately?

        Could you go to the “/read” page of any manga/doujin on the site and send me the source code (in a text file or through Pastebin)? I’ll see if it’s any different from what I get, and adjust the page-grabbing algorithm accordingly (if that’s the problem).

        Sorry about the trouble!


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